How important is it to have an attorney that specializes in brain injuries?

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If your family has suffered a tragedy of a traumatic brain injury, you need an experienced attorney. By that I mean an attorney who is experienced in working with neuropsychologists who understands their tests and scales. Importantly, knows how to present this kind of evidence in a Mediation Settlement Conference and if necessary to a jury in a trial. A lawyer who knows how to make this kind of evidence come alive to a jury, so that they understand it, so they understand the human suffering that is going on in your family.

Not only of course in the mind and heart of the injured family member but in that of their loved ones whose lives are altered forever by the brain injury of a parent or a child or a spouse. I have been working with neuropsychologists and my clients and their families for almost 40 years in cases involving traumatic brain injuries. This is the experience that you should consider when selecting an attorney to help you with your family’s problem.

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